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The Caring Charitable Trust has been found by Mr. D.I. Nathan, B. Com and the same has been registered at the Registrar Office as document No. 1526 of 2014. The registered Office of the said Trust situate at old No.100, New No.158, Coral Merchant Street, Broadway, Chennai-600 001, Tamil Nadu. The Trust has been established to promote the following objects namely:

  • To establish Hostels for children, Home for the aged, Shelter to orphans & women, poor and downtrodden people, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
  • To organize free Donation Camps of Blood, Eye, Organs, Medicines
  • To provide Free Education to the poor people and to distribute free books, notes and pay fees for the needy students.
  • To provide accommodation, food, clothes, free education to orphans, helpless children
  • The conduct programs, Health Awareness, AIDS awareness, to urban and rural areas.
  • To provide support to the areas effected by natural calamities like Tsunami, Earthquake, Cyclone, Accidents, etc.
  • To support the abandoned, elderly people, youth, women, widows, children, mentally and physically challenged people.
  • To provide medical treatment for the physically, visually and mentally challenged people.
  • To do all such other lawful acts, deeds and things as may be incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
  • To establish and administer, schools, colleges and other educational, institutions for proof, physically challenged people with residential.
  • To establish Homes for children, orphans, aged persons, and to render all possible help for the street children and abused children.
  • The trust has intention to work for the people below poverty line, deprived people, poor women and children. To raise funds and to receive donations, contributions, gifts, trade for carrying out the objects of the Trust.
  • To raise funds and to receive donations, contributions, gifts, trade for carrying out the objects of the Trust.
  • To set up, establish and run residential rehabilitation home for mentally ill and Home for Substance induced psychiatric ill persons.
  • De-addiction and rehabilitation for juvenile, youth and adult’s men and women.
  • To undertake all welfare programs for women and children implementing the State and Central Government.

About the founder

"No one has ever become poor by giving". Charity begins at Home is the motto of the Trust.

Caring Charitable Trust has been found by Mr.D.I.Nathan. He hails from Malayampattu Village, North Arcot Village, about 123 Kilometer from Chennai. His family is occupied by Teachers.

In his early age, his family migrated from the Malampattu village to Chennai in 1975. His father joined the services as Postal Clerk at General Post Office, Chennai. Mother is the President of Legion of Mary St. Xavier's Church, Broadway, Chennai. She is dedicated to Social Service. His brother and two sisters are post graduate teachers.

His brother and two sisters are post graduate teachers. The founder Nathan is the seventh of the order to his parents. He studied in St.Annes Middle School up to V Standard. Thereafter he studied in St. Gabriel Higher Secondary School, Broadway, Chennai. After completing his schooling, he joined B. Com degree course in Loyola College, Chennai. While he was in Loyola College, he was actively engaged in National Social Service.

After graduation, he engaged in Social Service in Anbu Illam run by Rev. Fr. Vincent SDB (Southern Provincial of India) for three years. He served for the welfare of Rag pickers, orphans for their upbringing in their life.

He established the Caring Charitable Trust in the year 2000, and engaged in Social Service Activities in particular to emancipate the addicts of alcohol, drugs. He had liberated more than 100 alcohol and drug addicts.

He has established orphanages and accommodated abandoned, orphaned old age people in Broadway and its outskirts.

The future aim of the trust is to establish hospitals to render free Medical Service to poor and downtrodden and to establish hostels for children, helpless old people, mentally retarded etc.,

The founder has dedicated his life in pursuit of the path shown by Jesus Christ.

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