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A-V Fistula For Dialysis

AV fistula surgery is performed on dialysis patients with kidney failure. Once your kidney specialist has determined that you are likely to or need dialysis, you need to find a procedure.

Fistula surgery is another and best option for dialysis. Throughout the developed world, AV fistula is the preferred method for dialysis. The cost of dialysis in Bangalore varies depending on the complexity of the surgery and the need for additional materials.

Dialysis admission time

Your nephrologist can plan your dialysis entry month in advance, allowing you to have a fistula that operates better than dialysis with catheters. Vascular surgeons can help you plan the fistula/graft type by studying the ducts in your organs.

Fistula Salvage Procedures


Similar to an angiogram, this technique involves inserting a small tube into your fistula and extending the narrow part of your fistula with a balloon and improving flow. This is a daycare procedure done under x-ray guidance and the fistula can be used the next day.

Central vein angioplasty

Narrowing or blocking of the central blood vessels (SVC, Innominate, Subclavian) can be effectively managed by balloon angioplasty and stenting if necessary.

Graft thrombectomy

It is an open surgical technique that removes clots from the small incision in your organ with a special catheter. If you are fit you can perform the procedure under local anesthesia and graft for dialysis the next day.

Tips for Maintaining Your Dialysis Access

Good local hygiene

Avoid pressure or blood sample in the limb

Softball Exercise

Follow your vascular surgeon regularly for at least three months once you undergo conservation procedures

Controlling blood pressure, low blood pressure can cause your fistula to stop