6 Factors That Affect The Sales Of An E-Commerce

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Web Browsing

The first thing that any owner of an e-commerce must take into account is the user experience and web browsing. If the web page is slow to load, this will be the main obstacle for users to leave the web.

The simple fact of building a website that has a good design and an optimal navigability resides in the time and money you invest. It is not necessary to use complex tools, in fact in this blog we already talked about the keys to the usability of a website.

Focus on Quality

The Quality Of  The Products

This is a key factor that can hurt your sales. The increase in the quality of the products you sell will increase the demand for them. First of all, we have to win the trust of the buyers to build our brand in the market. Sell low quality and cheaper products in order to attract users, will only generate deception and rejection of your e-commerce. Although you can not invest all the money and time in which the products have the best quality, you can allocate time to the vast majority in order to be able to offer much more competitive products.

Easy Return Web development

Return Policy

Perhaps one of the factors that affect sales in any e-commerce and that all entrepreneurs have to face. There are many occasions when consumers buy a product and after a short time, they want to return it. Years ago this would be a great cost for companies, but given the increase in e-commerce in recent years, the return policies have improved. First of all it is important to establish a series of primordial rules so that users do not abuse the return policies and thus be able to maintain a greater control of our products.

Shipping Web development


One of the reasons why the number of e-commerce has grown in recent years is the facilities at the time of delivering the products. The time and cost of the shipments influence the time to get good opinions from users. Unless the product needs to be shipped under special circumstances, much of your sales will be influenced by the opinions that many users have regarding the shipments.

What you can do to counteract the competition is to offer free shipping when you reach a certain amount of purchase or accumulating points in the shopping cart; In this way, you will be able to better localize your customers.

Best Price


It is perhaps another of the key factors together with the return policies. Making your e-commerce prices competitive is difficult, so you have to do a study on how to sell the competition in your sector. With this, you will obtain an average of the prices at which the products are sold and you can offer added value by reducing them or by providing offers and discounts.

Shopping Cart Web develpment

Check out simple

Once users want to finalize their purchase, the check-out or closing of purchase has to be a simple and fast step. We have to avoid losing time in the payment process, in loading the page and filling in all the data. We reiterate that the less time it takes for users to complete the entire operation, the higher the percentage of return we will have towards our e-commerce.

To master eCommerce, you have to have a solid foundation
The experience is a degree and in the world of eCommerce counts more, the more years you have on the web itself; therefore, it is necessary to have a base in electronic commerce. The Postgraduate in Multichannel eCommerce will provide you with all the knowledge you need to know about how online sales work, attracting users and improving the usability of your web business. What are you waiting for to train you now and start to succeed in the world of e-commerce?


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