Don't use flash on your website

Never in the past, no software platform has divided developers and developers more than Flash. There are many reasons to choose to use other technologies – each of which would offer different benefits to your website compared to Flash technology. So why do not you build a flash website? We chose the three most important reasons and we present them to you:


Flash is not “Mobile-friendly”


It’s no secret that internet surfing with mobile devices is steadily rising in recent years – it’s enough to take a look at Monetate’s 2013 Monetary Analysis Q1 (2013) , Where mobile usage browsers are up 85% compared to the first quarter of 2012. Our era, with a key feature of rapid technological development, requires the construction of time-consuming web pages and the features of a Flash- Based site just can not v to follow this course. Already Google (for Android) has stopped supporting Flash technology, while Apple, since the launch of the first iPhone, does not incorporate this technology into its devices. Adobe itself, the company that created Flash, has announced that it stops developing Flash Player for new mobile devices.


Don’t use flash on your website ¬†Flash does not like updating content


Do you think easy updating of the content of your website should be considered a luxury? Content Management Systems has long been the most effective way to manage your online presence, allowing the user to make changes (from the content of the site to the following SEO tactics) easily.


Using Flash technology, these privileges are lost. Not only can we manage the structure of the site itself, but even if we need to process a simple proposal, we should assign this work to a Flash developer who will need to “open” the file we want to process, Make the necessary changes, recompile the file and finally reposition it on the server where it is hosted. Using Flash technology, therefore, means more time and more money to refresh the content of our website, compared to the time and money we would need to do exactly the same job as using any CMS.


Flash is not “SEO-friendly”


The presence of an index file, the creation of a smart and correct structure URL, and the creation of “rich” titles and meta descriptions help drastically generate organic traffic from search engines on your site. Unfortunately, using Flash technology, the above data is lost, forcing you to resort to more time consuming and expensive solutions.


Imagine this: if you want to look up some phones in the phone book or look for information about some local businesses in the Gold Guide. The problem is that these two forms, when they arrived at your house, were hermetically sealed. How, then, will you be able to find the information you need?


Flash technology displays the content of your website in such a way that it conceals its content from the majority of search engines.


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