Joomla Website

Joomla Website

Installing Joomla is the ideal solution

Web design and installation with Joomla Webmasters Life recommends and proposes to build a website or rebuild and convert your old simple static site or some other CMS to the world-renowned and successful Joomla. Content Management System (CMS). The multi-year experience in building dynamic websites has proven to be easy to adapt to any customer’s desire and need, and as it is open source, it is a particularly affordable and affordable solution.
The construction of a Joomla! The site can meet the needs of a simple individual or a small professional, up to the needs of a club, a large business, a Body or Organisation. Provides a secure and flexible interface to dynamically manage site content (frequent and continuous additions and content changes), easily and quickly with a little basic elementary education.
The installation of the latest version of Joomla! ™, as well as the constant upgrading of it, is Webmasters Lifecare and is the advantage of the proper and safe operation of the web pages.

Joomla Web development

We love the internet and the construction of websites, blogs, portals, corporate websites, online stores and E-commerce. But we still like working with separate people and implementing their ideas and goals. We always begin to understand the vision and ambitions of each project. We apply our knowledge and create web pages to materialise your ideas, develop your business and solve your problems quickly and economically.

Tech support web site support
Continuous operation and updating of a website may be difficult or simply not have the time it takes. We can help you, whether we have created your website together or not, we undertake to support its operation hoping for a good and long-term cooperation. Whether it’s a corporate website or E-commerce, we know how to keep it working properly


We offer

Long-term experience of development, which means a high-quality and affordable site.

Bringing your customers to your products, emphasizing your personality or simply telling about you.

Conclude the contract, and be sure of the performance of the work within the set time.

Improve the site at affordable prices, as well as help in filling and technical support.

We do not promote sites, but we will register in the main search engines and fully prepare for further promotion.


A quality content management system for the site, manage the content without involving programmers and third parties.

Free correction of minor deficiencies and consultation as issues arise within 6 months.

Adaptive site design for viewing on modern mobile devices and tablets.

Own customer support service, where you can create tasks to refine your site, thereby always be in touch.

Updating of sites under control of CMS Joomla, development of components, modules, plug-ins.


Between these two versions were published the version 1.6 that included numerous improvements and changes with respect to its predecessor among which they emphasize: nested categories, the system of control of access (totally new), improvements in the support of languages and SEO, redirección of pages integrated and template styles. In addition, the environment has been completely redesigned (user interface) and extensions manager has been improved.


Both version 1.5 and 2.5 of Joomla !, are no longer supported. Support for version 1.5 ended in July 2009 and support for version 2.5 last month. This means that there will be no further developments or bug fixes or security patches on these versions and that both the Joomla team and third-party extensions will begin to develop for the latest versions. This is why it is advisable to migrate the Sites to the latest available versions.


In September 2012, version 3.0 was released, which again redesigns the user environment, greatly improves language support (fully integrated with Joomla!) And has better support for external (third-party) components and access control (ACL ). Currently Joomla! is in version 3.3.6 and plans to release version 3.4 in the coming months. The development community is planning to keep Joomla! in version 3.x for at least one more year, and the release of version 4 is planned for 2016.


Popularity and purchase with other CMS


Joomla CMS 


Joomla! it is not the only content manager available. Among its major competitors are WordPress and Drupal. If we compare these three managers only by the number of websites that use it we can see that WordPress wins widely to its competitors, although this is due to its simplicity which leads to massive use by nonprofessional developers or by those people who want easily create your own blog.




These three managers share several points with each other:


they are content managers

are programmed in PHP

can work on both Apache and IIS

Analyzing each CMS separately I offer you the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.





Easy to use and adapt to repetitive projects like blogs and portfolios

A multitude of themes and plugins that make it easy to customize

Friendly administration and very good online support community

Fast learning curve compared to other CMS


Make an intensive use of PHP so you need a more powerful hosting than required by other CMS

Due to the high number of plugins required, security flaws can appear, which, together with its high popularity, makes it a target for hacker attacks.

Its level of programming is very basic and practically cannot be made modifications without the use of plugins, unless they have high knowledge of PHP and HTML.




The better level of programming of the three CMS, it supports a greater traffic of users with the same infrastructure.

High level of programming and therefore has a high security against attacks

Large Developer and Support Community


It is focused on developers. Your learning curve is quite high. Developments on this CMS are usually customized.

Interface less friendly so the end customer could require training or hire a site maintenance.

Not all the functionalities that it uses are available in all the hosting plans of the market so depending on its use, it can be required of a specialized server.




Your learning curve is slower than WordPress but much faster than Drupal

It has many plugins that allow you to customize the site and give you greater uses than you might suppose at first.

A high number of developers and growing. The Community is very active.

Great variety of customization in terms of designs and templates.


It is not thought to implement a blog. WordPress outdo Joomla extensively in this regard.

The implementation of SEO is not efficient as in other CMS although it is improving with each version and there are third-party components that counteract this aspect.

The code is complex and its learning curve is quite high but less than Drupal. That is why these systems require a more technical profile.


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