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The Magento platform provides a complete e-commerce functionality. Based on the Magento open source platform, we create online stores that meet the requirements that may arise throughout your e-commerce cycle. Learn more about making e-commerce at Magento

Magento is one of the top online store creation platforms, with over 300,000 online retailers now opting for it. It offers a powerful and flexible management interface that provides advanced marketing techniques, search engine optimization and management directories. You also have tools to control the appearance, content and functionality of e-commerce to meet every requirement of your business. All of these elements dramatically increase your customers’ buying experience, which leads to rising sales.

Magento is the world’s leading online e-commerce building platform and our team, with many years of experience, is able to meet your needs in designing and creating e-Commerce, which manages to turn visitors into pleased customers.



Based on open architecture and with the support of hundreds of third-party extensions, Magento offers unparalleled flexibility and options for ERP and CRM connectivity.

The 5 important benefits of connecting ERP and Eshop

  1. Avoid double data imports and thus the error.
  2. An accurate image of availability to your customers – buyers.
  3. Increase Productivity – Reduce the processing time of all your transactions.
  4. Increase customer satisfaction.
  5. Increase sales and revenue.


Mobile commerce HTML5 features are now integrated into the Magento platform, both in the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Online stores using Magento can offer a better user experience for multiple browsers and web devices. Thus, the Magento shopping cart is created according to the environment, so it is absolutely visible from mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. This makes it easy for an ever-growing consumer community to use mobile devices to easily make a purchase.


Circulo_verdeMagento is an open source e-commerce platform at the forefront of technology and is, without a doubt, the future of e-commerce websites, since it allows the launching of high-level projects, both large and medium-sized and small dimension

Ydral e-business solutions have a wide demonstrable experience with Magento, having launched, in a timely manner, online stores based on this tool in a multitude of clients of different sectors and sizes, which are currently selling through its own tool with very positive results. Magento offers you an unparalleled variety of high-end marketing features and seamless management interface ergonomics.

Based on the famous Zend Framework, Magento is a consolidated platform that guarantees the security and scalability of the code, so that it fits in a more efficient way to the needs of the users. This approach has been worked on from the outset with the aim that, to date, it is a flexible, up-to-date, fast and secure platform.

Another important point that makes this platform a good choice is that Magento currently has one of the largest developer communities in the world in e-commerce platforms. In addition, this community is extremely professional and has thousands of very useful add-on modules that allow you to implement different functionalities to add them to the online store and adapt it to the needs of each company. The range of possibilities that open is practically infinite.

For all of the above reasons and for which we listed below, Ydral e-business solutions firmly supports Magento, being the official Partner of Magento Spain.

In addition to the basic functionalities of conventional e-commerce sites, Magento is different in several key points:

1. Administration

Administration – General store management
The possibility of multi-stores configurable in several languages.
Automatic localization of users, allowing Magento to offer the information directly in the language of the visitor.
Fully configurable VAT that allows adapting the store to different countries/markets
Easy management of access rights to the administration interface.
Administration of the design templates.
CMS functions for manageable areas.
2. Reports

Detailed reports
Integrate Google Analytics directly into the Magento management interface.
Magento integration with Website Optimizer to control store performance.
Notification of search topics.
Exports of reports through RSS feeds.
Abandon shopping cart.
Conventional statistics: sales, most viewed products, customers, low stocks, total sales with an invoice, total sales refund, etc …
3. Help for SEO Magento

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools
Friendly URLs that are easy to use and flexible.
Management of meta tags per page for products and categories: Title, keywords and description.
Clouds of labels.
Application history.
Sitemap generated automatically.
Google Sitemaps.
4. Orders / Customers

Orders / Customers
Create customer orders directly from the Magento backend (administration interface).
Orders on multiple invoices and multiple shipments.
Duplication of orders. The possibility of making a new order by the Customer using an earlier order. And so can the administrator.
Possibility to take orders by phone and register them in Magento from the Management Panel: Create Customers, place orders, assign gift cards, etc.
Direct access to the customer’s account, their baskets, their favourite lists, etc.
5. Promotional Marketing and Point of Sale with Magento

Totally customizable promotion management.
Promotion by product, category, brand, store.
Gifts by minimum order or product.
Discounts by minimum order
Promotion by a customer.
Promotion by discount code.
Sales by a lot.
Compare products.
3 levels of cross-selling / additional.
6. Design and customization of Magento stores

Select themes
Simple personalization of aesthetics.
Very flexible management through “Themes”.
Default themes in the different versions of the platform.
Possibility to design themes as they adopt the image of the store to the Visual Identity of the company.
Structure of elements by blocks at two levels: structure and contents.
Possibility to modify layout of the blocks easily and quickly in your store


Magento Store Development

Creating an online store based on Magento is not difficult if you have us by your side. We take care of the last detail so that your eCommerce transmits professionalism, style, and above all, you get a powerful, efficient and profitable sales channel.
With our online stores you can: fully manage your stock, make multiple promotions, control each customer, implement different payment platforms, manage and create your own newsletters, banners, sales reports and statistics … We guide you in the use of your Magento store and we give you a completely individual technical service to guarantee its correct start and operation.

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