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Responsive Web Design Bangalore (RWD) activate the process of changing the layout of a web page display as the device that is visited. Recent years have seen much traffic websites from mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Year after year this number increases even more and more, however, a large number of websites do not respond even to this technique so that visitors can acquire a ‘poor’ and insufficient navigation experience. If you notice your Google Analytics stats you will notice that over time reduced the visitors of this website and therefore candidates customer. The Responsive web design will be the best choice for you covering this way all current needs since the last technical web design where the servers (Servers) carrying the same HTML to all devices but with the proper CSS code handle precise provision in all available screen resolutions


Responsive Web Design


Technical RWD recommended for some time by Google. Converting your website to responsive design will help visitors to come to your site looking for a portable device. The quality of a website is an important factor in the final search ranking for Google. If a visitor found your site by searching a mobile device, but your site does not meet it, then the retransmission rate will be reduced and result in future removal from the list of searches. Conversely, the more visitors you get, the higher will be the final ranking. Finally, compared to that previously were (another version of the website to a mobile), the main disadvantage is that this embodiment is separated by the main site. Such work is considered more difficult, expensive and requires more time for its implementation

Save time and money
Obviously using the Responsive design can save time and money because it does not need to make a separate development and design for your website compatible with desktop computers and special development for mobile devices.

Great experience for the visitor
The Responsive design technique is to provide the best experience to the end user by providing compatibility to any device such as fixed PCs, smartphones, trumpets.

In recent years, the use of tablets and mobile devices for surfing online has been growing rapidly in the past few years, as we used to use a dedicated computer only.

In the web, we would define responsive web design as the process of designing and constructing web pages that detect various variables from the external and internal environment and respond according to the visitor

Easier to manage
The main advantage for your website and the key to success is that the responsive design now working on a version of the website. Having two different versions, one for the desktop computers and another for mobile devices requires different SEO campaigns and content information which requires a lot of time and increased costs. Managing a responsive website and an SEO campaign is by far the easiest process.

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