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 Like the physical store needs renovation at periods to be more attractive to customers, so your website is one more reason to be redrawn if the technologies and trends of the times are changing very rapidly. Of course on the websites does not matter only the graphic part, but also other key factors such as functionality, safety, the amount friendly to search engines is etc.

Why should I redesign my website?

It is essential to follow the times and technological advances of the Internet. The online customers when they visit a website contemporary type of reward devoting time to the tour. For this reason and your own website should follow the latest design standards, otherwise, it is considered obsolete. Also, now that a very large percentage browses the web pages and shop mobile phone and your tablet, your own site if you know you are compatible (responsive); It is not enough to appear on devices, but how and in what structure is in it.

Another key element is the functionality. Ever wonder how much time a customer wants to make a purchase on your website? If you reduce the time it does you will have fewer abandoned shopping carts? Can you easily find the visitor is looking for on your website? These are questions which we can answer by doing a quick research on your existing website for free.

2017 Web Design Trends to Boost Conversions –


An important reason to be redesigned is the SEO. Plus the Google algorithms and other search engines evaluate the technology of your site. Oldest sites disadvantaged compared to the new, based on new Internet technologies. So if you do not periodically redesign will notice slowly losing ground regarding your ranking in search engines.

there are other equally important reasons to redesign your site. A new site has more options for future scalability. Simply put, more add-on applications compatible with your website. Also, a new site is characterised by ease of management of the content. That is, you can easily and quickly update your content or products. The speed of your website also plays a key role. Ever wonder if your site is slow and is it a key reason users loss?

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