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WooCommerce continues to evolve dramatically. More and more are the online stores that choose to evolve as an Eshop with Woocommerce for their business, showing their confidence in a robust and simple database that looks like it really favours online sales at all levels! Many arguments support the above, so let’s take a more detailed look at the benefits of making E-commerce with Woocommerce!

It’s easier to handle WOOCOMMERCE even if you have no experience!

Unlike the other platforms, the nature of WordPress WooCommerce’s development is such that many people today can respond to its management. Of course, they may not have exactly the experience they need. But they have the background to manage an e-shop with WooCommerce. This is not necessarily the case when it comes to other e-commerce plug-ins for WordPress, or even for other open source solutions.

Developing the Woocommerce platform for the Colour and Art store, the business leaders gained an easy way to import their products at E-commerce, following a brief training from Easycomtech! They have thus eradicated a problem that has plagued them with previous e-shop management platforms!

Many businesses and online wholesalers are looking for innovative solutions for their customers. The E-commerce with WooCommerce for B2B businesses is an excellent solution, since it offers many possibilities, specially designed for wholesalers!

Woocommerce platforms that have been applied to online stores allow the mass add-on to the cart at up to 2,000 products per minute!

Proving that it is going to meet all the high standards set by a professional from his website.

At Easycomtech we have implemented the WooCommerce platform on several online grocery stores, such as the ANKO Household Shop or SKGECOSHOP, which sells wholesale ecological biodegradable food items. With WordPress Woocommerce we categorised our wholesale customers so that each case can see the prices that are of interest to it.

Why Woocommerce compared to other e-commerce platforms

Shopify has 70 payment gates, while Big Commerce is about halfway. At the same time, WooCommerce comes first with more than 140 payment gates to boost your online sales.

Better performance for SEO search engines

Optimising the Woocommerce search engine optimisation site is another great advantage of Woocommerce compared to the corresponding hosting platforms for a shop!

Although speed and performance are a possible advantage for Shopify or other online selling platforms, the ability to go far in terms of optimisation in your keywords is limited. Something that does not apply to Woocommerce, which is designed with an optimised basis for the keywords of your object!

Not even mentioning all the extra SEO capabilities offered by WooCommerce, because it is just a top WordPress version for online sales!

You should definitely check all the available platforms to build your E-commerce business. However, your search should take seriously what is really what you need from your website!

Why choose Woocommerce to build E-commerce?

Woocommerce knows that E-commerce pages are not all the same!

When you start talking to people about how they want to make money off the internet, not all of them are selling shirts! Some sell subscription services. Others sell natural goods. Some sell digital access to media or downloads. Others manage access sites or run online lessons.

WooCommerce supports all of this! Any selling option in kind. And that does not apply to any other platform out there. Many of the older platforms are specially made for natural products with some variations (such as t-shirts), waiting to send them material. However, if you attempt to format pages or to intervene in their configuration, then specialised knowledge is needed that complicates things …

Allows content that brings sales!

If you’re a person running an online store, you know how important it is to increase traffic to your site! You have to write more articles than you thought it would be needed because very simply “stories sell products”. This means you need a blog or a content site Unlike most e-platforms.

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